Evo 850 SSD with a WD black 3tb performance hdd for storage

I want to use an Evo 850 SSD with a WD black 3tb performance hdd for storage. coupled with an i74790k and 16gb 2133 ddr3 gskil is the hdd a good choice or is it overkill?
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  1. well, for gaming, it is a little bit, it is a good combination though, 3tb WD black is pricey, ill personally rather invest in two smaller drives in a cloned raid configuration for if one fails your data (games) are still saved on the other. Overall, if you have the money, I dont see why not? ;)
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    That's not really overkill for anything. If anything you could go bigger (not size wise but with storage performance). Personally I don't bother with the WD blacks as they're overrated. They're not even the fastest HDDs out there. I use Toshibas across the board as they're much cheaper and just as reliable in the end. You can look in to RAID options on your mobo (assuming you're using a RAID capable mobo).

    If you're building brand new I'd stick with Z170 though, which opens up even more capabilities and expandability.
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