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Hi All,
My problem is, when I attach my 1TB external hard drive, it freezes the entire system. The DISKPART option even keeps on blinking like for infinity without benefit. I used various online tools to format and repair, but as soon as I connect it to a computer, any other software or tool in there hangs up and freezes saying "NOT RESPONDING". It does not let the Disk Management to load after connected nor can be accessed from the drive list. It shows up in My Computer with a connected sound but without disk capacity details and hangs up the window when clicked. Is there any way to know what the problem is? Its a new hard drive from Sony and I have no files in there to be recovered and I have not used it more than a couple of times. Please help !
P.S.: When I disconnect it from the computer, DISKPART, those format and repair tools, and almost everything in my computer works just fine.
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    Hey there, Anoop_.

    It really sounds like a problematic drive. But in order to confirm that, I'd recommend that you try it with a different USB cables and a different computer, to see if the same thing happens. Normally I'd recommend that you try testing it with a diagnostic tool, to see if any errors or bad sectors pop-up, but I suspect that if you try that everything will freeze again. However you could try to download an HDD/SSD diagnostic tool, to find out if at least the SMART data of the drive would be displayed.

    Anyway if you keep having those issues, I'd recommend that you RMA the drive.

    Hope that helps.
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