AMD Pc shuts off randomly after a few hours and the restarts right after dont know the cause. Help?

Hello! new to forums.
My PC keeps shutting down after a few hours and starts up as soon as it turns off.
this started happening when i switched my APU from an A4-7300 to the new A10-7890k.
At first i thought it was a power supply issue so i switched that, but the problem persists.

I don't know if could be i got a defective APU or my motherboard is on its last legs which shouldn't be a problem since the motherboards only a few months old and the PC wouldn't shut off with the A4.

Current specs are:.
AMD A10-7890k
Corsair Vengeance LPX ddr3 1600 Ram
Corsair sf-450 power supply
MSI A88xi ac motherboard
Asus GTX 750ti connected with a pci-E riser
WD 1tb laptop hdd 5400 RPM
Running windows 10 home.
this happens when its under load and when its not,.
any advice would be much appreciated and thanks in advance,
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  1. What version of BIOS are you using?
  2. DonkeyOatie said:
    What version of BIOS are you using?

    i'm running version 1.6
  3. I think, but am not certain, that you need the 2.0 or more modern (up to 2.3 now) version of the BIOS released with the V2 version of that motherboard for full A10 7890K compatibility. Send an e-mail to MSI for confirmation.
  4. didn't email MSI but I had a spare board willing to sacrifice and updating the bios to the v2 model actually froze everything when it would boot into windows. none of the updates will work on the old board so i switched to a board that said it supported the 7890k
    thanks for all the help its was greatly appreciated
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