Adaptec 39160 68pin controller not detecting 80pin SCA SCSI drives

I [urlExt=]searched tomshardware for 'Adaptec 39160'[/urlExt] and did not find the answer to the following question.

I have a hundred or so 80pin [urlExt=]SCA SCSI[/urlExt] 3.5 inch hard drives to erase. We previously disposed of the original servers and cables for these drives.

I have a pair of Dell OptiPlex 755 desktops, an Adaptec SCSI controller card, a 68pin SCSI cable with a terminator on one end, and an [urlExt=]80pin to 68pin ASCA80F/HPDB68F/IDC50M adapter[/urlExt] for connecting the 68pin cable to the 80pin drives. The drive I have plugged in also has power through a molex connector and I can hear it spin up without problem.

The Adaptec 39160 PCI-X SCSI controller card has two 68pin channels. The [urlExt=]user reference PDF[/urlExt] and [urlExt=]installation guide[/urlExt] only list compatibility with 50pin drives, not the 80pin drives I need to erase. I connected the end of the 68pin SCSI cable to the Channel A 68pin plug on the controller card. The other end has a terminator on it. The first plug on the cable from the controller I plugged into a the 68pin to 80pin adapter card, which plugs directly into the hard drive. The wiping software that I use, [urlExt=]Blancco 5[/urlExt] is Linux-based (I cannot tell more specifically.) and detects the controller card just fine. But within Blancco and also just within the Dell bios, the controller card does not detect the hard drive. I've tried another of the 100 hard drives with no change. I've tried every jumper setting on the 68pin to 80pin adapter card to set the SCSI ID of the drive, from 0 through 15, even though the controller card is factory-preset to SCSI ID 7. And it will not detect the drive.

What else should I check for? What have I missed?
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  1. I found a thread about [urlExt=]Mixed SCSI population[/urlExt], which includes this controller card with 80pin drives. But the OP had already gotten them connected and recognized by the controller card. I'm not that far yet and am asking for help with that earlier step here.

    How do I get the controller card to see the drive?
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