XFX R9 390 Fps drops in Star citizen and Fallout 4 But good overall score on unigine heaven benchmark

Hey guys , i tried what bulletfoss suggested , but even when my clock is blocked i still get fps drops. I tested on star citizen and fallout 4 . And i cant understand why having a card such as a xfx r9 390 i still have fps drops . in star citizen it drops to 30 and 25 fps in various parts . and in fallout 4 it has fps drops too. I tried windows mode but the fps drops are happening too. I have exactly what benovation has in the way of "Running unigine heaven benchmark and getting same score than gtx 970" But then i try games and star citizen has horrible fps drops with my r9 390 , where as in the gtx 970 of some people star citizen runs smoothly with no fps drops ( and even more fps than r9 390 from what i could see in videos). Anybody knows if there is a fix for amd crimson drivers or any fix for this kind serious fps drop problem the r9 390 has?

Full build

B-G85M mobo
2x4GB 1333 mhz Kingston
xfx r9 390
i5 4690
1 TB Seagate
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    Try this,
    First of all you need to TOTALLY remove all the old drivers. Use this link.
    Select the respective company(i.e Nvidia or ATI) drivers to be uninstalled.
    Use clean and restart option.
    And then install the new drivers after rebooting.
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