MSI GTX 970 | Monitor VGA to DVI-I connection problem

First of all I should say I've recently built my own PC, and installed the OS (Windows 8.1) onto it, etc.
Here's the full part list for reference:

So I've run into a problem that I initially found while playing "Black Desert", an MMO. I was getting pretty decent frames, but kept on getting a particular error while in the game that led me to finding out that the game was using my onboard graphics settings. While in the launcher settings of the game, I tried to swap to my MSI GTX 970, but when I clicked on the dropdown menu of the Graphics Card preference, I could only see the onboard intel card. The MSI GTX 970 was nowhere to be found.

*I'll say "monitor" here, but in actuality it's just a Philips TV that I'm substituting until I can get my hands on a proper monitor.* - which leads to another question below

Doing some research from there on, I found I made a mistake of connecting the monitor VGA cable to my mobo itself. So I took that off, connected the end of the VGA cable to a DVI-I adapter and plugged it into my 970 and waited for results. Nothing came out of it. I couldn't get the monitor to show any connection whatsoever through connecting it to my video card.

So, with that, I suppose my question is how can I get my computer to recognize the Video Card properly (not showing up on either Device manager, Black Desert video settings, etc), and get my monitor to connect to the card with the VGA to DVI-I adaptor? Also, could the problem be the monitor itself?

If any other information is needed prior to any suggestions, let me know. I appreciate any help whatsoever. Thanks in advance.
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    When you use the output from mobo for your TV your system might disable your 970. Turn of your pc and reseat your card. Make sure all power connector are properly connected to the card. Then boot into BIOS try looking into video setting. Make your discrete gpu as primary display output.
  2. Since you are able to get display signals through your mobo that means you have not connected the graphics card properly.
    Reinsert your card in the mobo and make proper connections of the 6 or 8 pin power connector and reinstall the graphics drivers.
    Hope it helps
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