Can't change Vcore Voltage In Bios

I have a GA-F2A78M-D3H Motherboard along with a AMD A-10 7870k and I'm trying to manually adjust my voltage. Every time I try to input my desired voltage it automatically reverts back to a "Auto" setting option and I've tried everything to fix it.

I even found a video that shows an example of the problem :

I'd really appreciate a reply or some type of solution.
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  1. If you have Amd turbo boost as an option in your bios first disable it.
    Turn off cool and quiet.

    And also the Cpu C4 power saving option.
    Make sure you are in the advanced Uefi mode of the bios for the motherboard.
    You can switch between basic and advanced bios mode, the option should be found on the first bios page displayed.

    Consult the motherboard manual that came with the motherboard look at section 2-3 M.I.T of the manual starting on page 35.

    It`s what the manual is for, if you read it carefully enough you will be able to overclock the cpu multiplier and set the core voltage of the cpu you desire.
    The manual is bellow, click on the link and download it. Open it will a PDF reader.
  2. I appreciate the reply. I went and disabled all those setting and have previously read the manual. I still can't seem to manually input the voltage though. It's letting me change it in a interval of 0.000 but its only letting me adjust the last 3 digits. If bump it up to 0.132 is that the same as 1.32 volts?
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