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Hello, After doing a bunch of research on this, I still haven't come to a conclusion.

I have a 750 ti (no supplement power) that i need to stick in my ITX case but need a 16x Riser cable. Since the 750 takes power out of the slot, the old riser I sent back was not delivering the power the card needed to function properly when gaming.

You think I need a powered riser? (like with molex)

If so, is it possible I can be recommended to a PCI-E 16x Powered riser from either or I've already looked around but am very weary with the quality of these cables and i need one that preferably won't fry my whole system.

The online selection for risers in Canada is limited and i want to make sure i get one that works without issues. Thanks in advance

Edit: Also how do these powered risers actually work? i see a few different kinds, do they just take load off of the PCI slot on the motherboard?
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    Hate to give a solution to myself here: I got the high quality Deepcool one, with capacitors installed in the power line for the card on the cable itself.

    Basically, it works. Its very, very picky though. in order for it to actually work, it sometimes requires reboots of the system because the damn BIOS fails to load. The system also cannot be put to sleep without completely shutting down the graphics output, cannot be restarted without the same happening. What DOES work is full shutdown and power off of the PSU so the capacitors can drain charge. Basically, if you are looking to have a 750 ti (no external power) on a riser cable, don't. its too much of a pain in the ass for what its worth, but hell, it works 50% of the time for me so thats alright
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