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I would like to upgrade my desktop pc with a SSD drive. Already bought a crucial BX100 250GB. I would like to do a clean install of windows 10 on this SSD.
Since my desktop has 2 1TB HDD's i would use these as simple storage.
But first i would like to switch between my win7 operating system and files (which are all on 1 HDD) since i cannot reinstall some programs on windows 10. Now my question is, can i arrange a setup such that i can choose between the OS?
Do i have to change anything in the Bios to make this possible (except for changing the boot drive when installing win10 from usb to the ssd) like switching from raid to ata? and does it matter which sata cable i connect to a drive?
At last i would like to know how i have to initialize my SSD? as MBR or GPT?
The desktop is a Dell XPS 8100 from mid 2010.

I hope someone could clear this out for me.

Thanks in advance
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    Grab this free program:
    If you install it on your main BOOT disk (it's most probably going to be new SSD) you can make a boot menu and be able to chose which system and disk to BOOT from.
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