CPU fan error with new motherboard ande corsair h80i gt(please help as soon as)

As the title says, i am having a cpu fan error on startup. I have another thread of a different issue that has somewhat been resolved. So i put in a new motherboard into my gaming pc, It is an Asus Crosshair V Formula Z and my old mobo was an MSI one(i forgot what kind) and so originally it didn't even start and so i did tons of troubleshooting and the issue was the motherboard standoffs. That got that taken care of and now were here. It can vary on what it does, idk why but as of now, it has been saying "CPU fan error"(picture included) and it pretty much shuts off within 2-3 seconds. My CPU cooling is a corsair H80I GT with a push pull. The 2 fans for the push pull are on a "Y" that goes into the pump, the pump's power goes into the CPU_FAN pin and the mini usb to pin for the Corsair link goes to one of the usb heads at the bottom of the mobo. This is exactly how i had it on my previous motherboard so i am not sure what happened. Any help is much appreciated I would just really like to get this over with because im going on 3 days of trying to figure this out.

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    Go into your bios.
    Make sure you are in advanced Uefi bios mode.

    You will have a section in the bios where you can set the speed of each fan connected to a fan header of the motherboard.
    And three profiles, Silent,Standard, Turbo, and may have a custom option also to input a manual rpm speed of fans.

    If you scroll down that page you will have fan monitoring and alarm.
    You will see it is set at a rpm value.
    Lower the value if the set fan profile above is set below the alarm rpm error trigger point.

    If you look in the manual that came with the motherboard it tells you all of this.
    That if the fan is working but spinning at a very low rpm bellow the alarm point the error checking presumes the fan is not functioning and turns off power to the board till it is resolved or the broken fan connected is fixed.

    You amend it by choosing a fan profile or setting the rpm speed of the fan so it is above the lowest point of the fan rpm fail alarm setting in rpm.

    Obviously double check that the fan, or fans and the pump are all working on your H80i GT Aio water loop Visually for fan rotation.

    You can find this on section three, page 31 of your motherboard manual 3-31.

    Or click below for the online PDF version of the manual for your motherboard to section 3 page 31.

    All the best Kyleb1130.
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