Can Wireless router AC750 handle internet speed at 100 Mb ?

Hello Guys, I am a bit new to wireless networking so I wanna know if Wireless router AC750 can handle internet speed at 100 Mb ?

I have a gigabit Fiber Optic Modem . my internet speed is 100/10 Mb
I'm looking for a AC router, there're so many ac router out there like ac750, ac1200, ac170 ,ac1900 and more

now i'm using router N300 connected with fiber modem and the download speed stuck at 90-92 Mb
Will the ac750 solve this problem for me ? or should I go for another model ?

will these routers work ?

Thank you in advance :)
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    It is extremely surprising you get over 90m on wireless on 802.11n running at only 300m. Even the best router/nic combinations running 802.11n at 450 or 600 only get about that much.

    If you do not replace you nic with one that runs 802.11ac it does no good to buy 802.11ac router.

    First test to see what you get on a wired connection. Assuming your current router has gig ports you should get the 100m even on a older router.

    Now if your router only has 100m ports then the 90, rates are pretty normal because there is overhead in the transmission that is not accounted for by some testing programs.

    Your problem may also be you can't actually get 100m on your connection. The ISP always say "up to" because other people are sharing the connection with you. You need to test in the middle of the night if that is the case.

    You really have to ask is it worth a lot of time, effort and money to get a extra 10m or so.
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