PC won't power on properly from a "cold start" after new GPU install.

I have an Asus Z97-AR mobo with a 4690K (i've reset the OC back to oem settings), EVGA 650W G2 PSU, 2x4gb corsair vengeance and running Windows 10.

I just installed a Gigabyte G1 gaming GTX970 in my PC and the card worked fine after the initial install. The PC started, I updated the drivers, removed irrelevant ones with Display Driver Uninstaller and even played the free DL of The Division for over an hour on ultra with no issues.

If I restart the computer from the windows start menu, it starts back up with no problems. If I shut the computer down completely and power it back up using the power button on the case, I get a CPU_LED light on my motherboard, it won't POST and the monitor doesn't respond at all.

I can work around the problem by removing the power cables from the card, plugging the display port cable back into the input for integrated graphics and then restarting the PC. It'll then give me a VGA_led on the motherboard because the GPU is still plugged in and again doesn't POST. If I then power it down again, reconnect the GTX970 and start it back up, everything will work fine until I shut the computer down and the problem repeats. I'm completely at a loss for a fix...
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  1. Try another PSU in your PC.
  2. Alan Caldwell said:
    Try another PSU in your PC.

    I don't have another on hand, but I'll try and get my hands on one. Do you suggest a different PSU because you think mine might be faulty or is a 650w too underpowered?
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    Might be faulty, it is a good PSU according to many.
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