Need Help to build $400 pc to play FIFA 16

I have $400 to spend for motherboard,cpu,vga,psu,hdd,ram and case, i'm going to use this pc to play fifa 16, anyone would help me to choose the right component?

Thanks in advance guys ☺
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  1. Which country are you from?
  2. I'm indonesian, actually i have money about $500, when i take a look on the local store the price of component in the usa and indonesia is really different. For the example motherboard that cost $100 in usa, it's about $150 in indonesia. When i take a look on the part list from $500 budget gaming build in the usa, it over budget too much when i take a look on my local store, it cost about $650. So could you please tell me the best $400 budget gaming build?
  3. Check indian and indonsian. I can help,
  4. I'll be waiting Alan, thank you in advance.
  5. Oh yeah, i'm indonesian not indian by the way.
  6. Best answer
    Check the difference between Indian and Indonsian prices.
    Use this website as base,
  7. Oke gonna try. Thank
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