Need help with computer upgrade!

Hi Guys,

I'm not computer illiterate, I just wanted to see other people's suggestions on the hardware I am going to be upgrading to.

I built my own computer and have the following spec:

i5 4670 (no K)
8 GB 1666MHz Ram
GTX 970
650W Corsair RM series PSU
128GB Kingston V300 SSD for my operating system
2TB (rubbish) Toshiba hard drive for my games

I have a new job, thus more income and more spare cash.
I have a budget of about £2000 and was looking at getting an SSD raid 0 setup to replace my slow, rubbish Toshiba drive. I do a lot of 4K rendering so I want 16-32GB of RAM and a good CPU. Was looking at the 5820K but if I can get it into my budget the 5960X would be overkill! I'm not looking at upgrading my GPU because I am happy with the 1080P gaming performance that it produces. What motherboard suggestions do you guys have? I have OCD and am very picky when it comes to colour matching and cable management, the reason it took me so long to build my PC was because I spent 2 hours making the cables perfect!

Anyway back to motherboards, I have 2 in mind to go with my black, grey and white build theme, the asus sabertooth or the asus x99 deluxe. If there are any other suggestions please let me know.

RAM: £2000 budget so 32GB RAM and a SSD Raid may be a bit of a push, if you can get it to work with the 5960X that would be great if not it will be the 5930K. Corsair dominator platinum is too much more expensive than there LPX RAM for the performance difference so any RAM that looks good with a white or black colour scheme will do nicely.

Anyway, I think I've covered it all, any suggestions please let me know and any further help is greatly appreciated.
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    I would not RAID SSDs - instead, buy a single faster drive. Samsung's 950Pro M.2 drives are pretty attractive right now, and not unreasonably expensive.

    Regarding motherboards and CPUs, I'll leave those recommendations to others.
  2. Thanks man,

    Good suggestion I completely forgot about NVME drives, the 512GB 950Pro would be great for my OS but I'd still be a bit entrigued to Raid some normal SSD's in raid 0 for the mass storage. I want a quicker drive for editing my 4K videos, adobe seems to create a lot of small files in the background so even though I could delete them every time I finish an edit, it would be nice to keep them just in case some further adjustments need to be made.

    Thanks for the suggestion
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