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I purchased a Kingston V300 (240GB) SSD and I only recently find out about the AHCI setting in BIOS. I installed Windows 10 without knowing about this setting a week ago and today I have followed a tutorial on how to enable AHCI, using registry settings.

After I modified the registries and restarted, I didn't receive any driver update panel, yet it appears that it is enabled in my Device Manager. Does it mean that my SSD runs on AHCI now? The only setting in my BIOS with an AHCI option is the RAID Mode one. Do I have to enable it from somewhere else?

Also, the lag spikes appear after I download/install something and they are pretty annoying. I have a video-card (GTX460) which is pretty old. What could cause the lag spikes?

Thanks in advance for helping me.

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    AHCI is a technical standard that specifies the operation of Serial ATA (SATA) host bus adapters and exposes SATA's advanced capabilities like hot swapping and native command queuing. Is an old protocol that nobody is using it because it overloads the cables with unnecessary data. The raid 5 take so much time to rebuild that can last 1 day is much faster to have the Image saved or the disk cloned and simply to overwrite the volume, it takes minutes.

    Ps for your SSD problems go to the device manager do a right click in the ssd and choose properties to make sure that you have activated the right back cache and the Advanced performance settings
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