New Graphics card causes PC to freeze while in games

Hello everyone, i'm in some serious need of help.
A week ago i got myself an Asus GTX750TI-PH-2GD5 and ever since my whole PC freeze's while inside games only, sometimes at the very start or a few minutes later.
I took the graphics card back to the vendor thinking it's faulty but it was fine on their testing PC's, so i gave them my whole PC where they did all kinds of hardware tests and all was fine but they also saw that inside games my PC stops working entirely.
All drivers are up to date including BIOS but i cannot identify the problem.
I am thinking at this point that the PSU is not enough but not entirely sure, it might be even the motherboard.
The rest of the PC is:
4 gig RAM
Win 10 pro
My PSU is
On the graphics card box it says a minimum 12V current rating of 20A and that 20A is missing from this PSU which seems to have 2 12V rails at 19A each.
Could this be the problem?
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    Yes, you need a new psu, that one does not look reputable. 2 12v rails is not good, you want one strong rail. PSU is very important to make sure you buy quality. Aim for one that is at least 80plus bronze certified, preferably seasonic if you can afford it but corsair, evga, and others make good psu as well, antec, coolermaster, all are going to be much more reliable than your current power supply.
  2. Thank you for the reply.
    Then i will do just that in the next few days,
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