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My XFX Radeo R9 280X GPU recently failed, and I got a replacement card. It seemed to be working fine, but every so often, my screen will go white with moving, flickering, gray/black horizontal lines. This only happens once every day or two, and it requires me to shut down and restart (unplugging and replugging the monitor doesn't work). However, when I shut down, the display returns and the blue "shutting down" Windows screen is displayed, demonstrating that the graphics card can still display clear picture to the monitor. Any ideas about what might cause this? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
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    64 bit. set it to sensor and logging.
    make sure your 12v rail stays above 11.7v.
    if you have a newish mb make sure in the bios the 12v rail is holding.
  2. likely video card driver. might be failing video card hardware. might be failing mb pci slot.

    since it gets better when you shift graphics modes at shutdown, its not likely to be either cable or monitor.
  3. Sorry I haven't been attentive to this post! I got a replacement card a few weeks back, and it works great! I'm honestly not sure what the problem with the previous card was, but it wasn't improperly unstable voltage (I downloaded and checked Hardware Info), and I tried every version of drivers I could get my hands on.
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