Is 120gb ssd big enough

Hi guys wondering if anyone who has a ssd might be able to let me know. I have a MacBook Pro currently with a hdd I want to replace and don't fancy a big price tag so looking at a 120gb ssd.

What I was looking to run was standard OS X, win10 and then 2 apps being Microsoft suite and guild wars 2. I will be using the old 500gb hdd as a second storage drive so music ect can go on that.

Any advise would be appreciated.
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  1. No. I have a WinTEN box, running only BOINC, with 160GB HD and it's down to 10GB free space already.
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    Most 120 GB SSDs have half the number of flash lanes as the 250 GB and larger drives, so perform slower. I highly recommend waiting and saving up the extra $20-$30 to get a 250 GB SSD.

    Also, be sure you research upgrading the HDD on your exact model MBP. For a few years, Apple was using a proprietary temperature sensor. If you swapped the HDD with one with a different connector or failed to transfer the temperature sensor over, the fan would run at full speed all the time.
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