Can the P400S power 3 SP120 high performance fans? And does it used the mobo fan connector for power?

I need to know this soon so I can order it so i don't have to buy a fan controller
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  1. Yes, your PSU can run those fans, or any fans for that matter...

    And the fans connect to the motherboard header.
  2. So if I only have one fan header on my motherboard then will that suffice or do I plug in the fan controller to that one fan header on my motherboard and plug the fans into the controller?
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    I thought you were trying to avoid buying a fan controller.
  4. Im talking about the controller on the P400s
  5. You'll have to check the case's connections, but the case may just receive power from one plug that will also power the fans and the lights. So you don't have to worry about the motherboard's fan connections.

    The manual is not helpful in this regard.
  6. Alright thanks
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