PSU Seasonic S12II 520w 80+ bronze vs XFX TS 550w 80+ bronze

So what PSU should i get?
My build:
GPU:Msi GTX 960 4gb
CPU: i3 6100
RAM: DRR4 Hyperx 8Gb(1x8)
Storage: Western Digital Blue 3.5 1TB
Motherboard(Also looking for a new one)
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  1. They are based on the same thing. You should buy the XFX TS, unless the Seasonic is cheaper.
  2. I can vouch for the Seasonic since I own one and it's a really really good PSU, but like Suzuki said they are almost the same, so I say go with cheapest one.
    Between the two there isn't a winner, they are quite good for the money.
  3. Best answer
    According to the tier list, they both are tier 2 PSUs. Get the one that's cheaper.

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