Random and not-so random freezing (black screen) with looped audio sound forcing me to restart

Hey everyone, i have a big problem with my pc.
For the past half year or so (since last OS reinstall) i had random bluescreen here and there, but not very often.
About 4 days ago (since i cleaned it) the PC started freezing with looped audio sound (choppy, robotic and buzzing sounds) whenever i launched some game or video. (not always tho) Only possible action was to restart or turn the PSU off and on.

CPU- Intel core 2 quad q6600
GPU- EAH 6850
PSU- Fortron blue storm 500w
Motherboard- Gigabyte EP45-DS4
RAM- A-data DDR2-800 2x2GB gaming series
HDD- WD Black 1TB

Spare parts:
GPU- Asus 9800 GT 1GB
PSU- Evolveo - 500W
Motherboard- Gigabyte EP31-DS3L

So, i tried reinstalling the GPU drivers, still freezing. Tried couple more GPU drivers, still freezing.
Reapplied the thermal paste, twice (just to be extra sure its spread correctly). PC still freezing but it took couple of minutes longer before the freeze.

Switched GPU (to 9800) and bam, could launch a game (Dota2, just with bots) and left the game running for about 15 minutes, no problem.
So, tried switching the GPU again (to EAH 6850) and PC started freezing yet again. Launched other games (Just as or even more demanding than dota (Payday 2 and Warband) freezing in other games but Dota.

So, naturally i tried reinstalling Dota and before i could do that the PC froze, this time i wasnt even running anything that would warrant 3d enviroment (so, no videos, no games no nothing just explorer and firefox plain text websites)

Distraught, i tried switching PSU (to Evolveo) and the problem persisted. Switched GPU (to 9800 again) and here is the fun part- Now even the 9800 would cause freezing. Now there are graphical artefacts as well.

At this point, the freezing happens even when looking at desktop.
Kept switching things back and forth,
ran memtest-no problem.
Ran HDD error check-no problems found.

At one point the freeze wasnt complete freeze. Meaning, the sound was choppy, the screen was all fuc**d up BUT i could move cursor around and the game was running in background (no black screen, but had to restart anyway)

Tried uninstalling sound drivers, even switched speakers- did not help.

Ran Furmark, with the 9800. Lasted about 6 seconds before freeze, just as the GPU LOAD was next to 99 percent. With the 6850 it lasted just 2 seconds or so.

Reinstalled the entire OS, freeze happened in desktop (AFTER installing GPU drivers (for the 6850)).
Tried 9800, same thing. Freezing. Switched PSUs and GPUs back and forth, still freezing.

At some point the 9800 refused to boot at all.

Finally bit the bullet and switched the entire motherboard (to EP31-DS3L), had to reinstall system (yet again). This time i formatted 2 out of 3 disk partitions (system and games) before OS reinstall.

Everything works until i install GPU drivers, at that point freezing occurs again. (Basically at random)
Tried 9800, at first wouldnt even boot. After couple of tries it would boot, but no signal going to screen (I heard the windows system login sound though)

Tried both RAM sticks, one at a time. No change.

In the event viewer, there was a critical error whenever the black screen-freeze happened.
Kernel-Power event 41.

After fu***ng about with the GPUs and installing drivers for both of em there were 2 additional critical events (Not really sure WHEN it started showing up since i spent 3 days doing all this):
Driver Frameworks-UserMode event 10110
Driver Frameworks-UserMode evebt 10111

What is interesting, since i switched the motherboard i did not install drivers for the 9800 (mainly because it wont send signal at all :) ) YET the two driver-related critical events keep happening.

Tried unplugging all USBs (+uninstalling USB hubs) and using just the PS2 mouse, no dice.
In the battery settings i tried setting CPU minimum to 100%, disabling sleep mode, turn off monitor, HDD sleep...nothing helped.

Strange thing showed up in my device manager at some point- Batteries: Microsoft Composite Battery. Cant disable nor uninstall it. What the hell is it, since when there is a battery in desktop PC?
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    For anyone having the same problem.
    I used MSI Afterburner to UNDERclock my GPU by about 10percent.
    Also NOT running anything in fullblown fullscreen (not even web browser, just to be sure).

    Played for couple of hours straight and no freeze.
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