Need help installing Wireless Lan Driver for a Gateway NE56R41U Computer

I have been having quite some trouble installing a Wireless Lan Driver or Wireless Internet to a Gateway NE56R41u computer and cannot seem to find any Wireless drivers that will work. It originally had window 8 and I downgraded it to Window 7. After I Installed window 7, I could not install any Wireless Lan Drivers. I have tried different versions of Realtek, Intel, Broadcom, Atheros, and maybe few other wireless Internet Driver and still no luck. I have even tried installing Chips. I eventually got a Broadcom Lan Driver (not Wireless) to work, but that it. I also got a Graphic Card installed and working after some time. I did try and look this up and found there were some problem similar to mine with the same computer, but none of their solution worked; some of the info seem to have been deleted or not visible. It seems this computer tend to have this problem with a lot of people when they downgrade it. I have tried almost everything that I know to do. This is my last hope to see if anyone know how to fix this problem.
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  2. Thank You!!!!! I can't believed it worked. It seems like I have tried almost every drivers in date and here it was so simple. I did have to disable and enable it in Device Manager at first, but it worked. Thank you!!
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