Seagate Hard Drive not recognized, strange noise and clicking sound

Hello everyone, I bought a Seagate expansion Drive in summer 2014 and recently it's not recognized when plugged in to any computers.

It has failed SeaTools repair attempt and chkdsk will come up with repaired corrupted files some time before, but it's still working after that.

Until recently when I plugged it into an old computer, it's recognized at first but very slow to be usable and not recognized anymore a few minutes later. I suspect that the USB power of the computer is not very stable and caused the problem.

When I plug either to the USB port or the internal SATA port ( I opened it up ), it's not recognized by the computer, it spins up but has some strange clicking sound but it's not very loud. If I plug into the USB port the LED emits but changed to flashing very quickly about 30 seconds later.

Very most of the important data on the drive is backed up to other drives but I would still like to recover the less important files.

The link to the sound: (it's my own server, so it's quite slow, sorry...)

I would like to know what has actually happened inside the drive, and what can I do to make it recognized again, preferably without sending to professional (expansive) data recovery services, as the data on it does not worth it at all.

Thank you very much in advance for any answers!!
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    hard drives clicking is a sign its close to death, it not being recognised is also a really big clue.

    One thing you never want to hear from a HDD is clicking

    I don't think you can save drive. Best you could do is recover some data but if its not critical, I wouldn't pay to get it recovered. Its up to you but that drive isn't going to be much use to you for much longer.
  2. Hi there fei0316,

    Unfortunately, the drive is beyond repair. I would agree with Colif.
    You need to look for some professional help in case you want to recover the data. As it is not that important, it is most probably not worth it.

    Sometimes, external drives are clicking due to insufficient power supplied. Yet, you've taken the drive out of the enclosure and attached it internally. That way you've ruled out that possibility.
    There could be something wrong with the arm or the writing head.

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