Best High End Air Cooler?

What is the best performing high end air cooler? The Noctua NHD15?
What is the quietest high end air cooler that matches the Noctua NHD15 or comes close? Dark Rock Pro 3?

I am about the purchased the Noctua NHD 15 when i saw the dark rock three which looks amazing, it is a little bit more expensive but i would be willing to pay that if it is able to match the performance of the noctua, if not i can always paint those awful fans :P

So the questions:

1. What is the best performing high end air coolers (maybe list 3 or four)
2. How does the dark rock pro 3 compare to the noctua nhd15?

Thanks in advance, i just want to make sure before i purchase tomorrow, and will the cooler that you recommend fit in the HAF X?
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  1. Phanteks PH-TC14PE
    Cryorig R1
    Noctua NHD15
    Be Quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3
    All great coolers that perform fairly similar. Typically the Phanteks is cheapest and is a solid cooler. Any of them will work great.
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    I look HERE for a more informed decision. They do a pretty good job, so it will help to inform you about the options out there.
  3. NH-D15 is probably the best all around air cooler. Cools slightly better than the dark rock pro 3, but slightly louder. I would always recommend the noctua personally. Another close contender is the raijintek tisis but still I would say noctua.
  4. Thermalright True Spirit 140

    Cooler Review

    Why do I recommend this cooler:

    #1 Price

    #2 It's stock cooling performance is excellent and If needed for overclocking purposes, higher speed cooling fans equals increased cooling performance.

    #3 The weight of the cooler vs the others listed above especially with Skylakes new weight problems because of the thinner CPU substrate.
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