I'm trying to figure out what is causing my computer to not boot and to make a high pitch noise.

Hello, I just replaced my power supply and started having some problems with my desktop. I put the new PSU into my computer and attempted to boot up. The computer turned on but wouldn't boot up. There is a very high pitch noise coming from the MOBO/CPU. Does this mean that the CPU/MOBO is bad? Is there any tips on figuring out which is causing the problem?

Computer specs, Mobo-Gigibyte 970A-UD3P, Cpu-Amd FX 6300, PSU-evga 750W supernova, Graphics card-evga Gtx 550 Ti
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    Hi there AlexIrwin,

    Unfortunately, many things could cause this high pitched noise.
    One thing you can try is to just detach the PSU, attach it again and see if the issue persists. You can try using your old PSU as well.
    Are you sure the sound comes from the MOBO/CPU? Open up the case and try to localize the sound.(HDD, fans, GPU)
    What do you mean by "wouldn't boot up"? What does the screen show?

    Let me know how this goes,
  2. Thank you D_Know_WD for replying,

    I have detached and reattached the PSU to no avail. My old PSU causes the computer to turn on for a second and then shut off, that is why I replaced it. As far as booting up I can hear the HDD spin and turn on but nothing happens on the screen. I have tried using a different GPU also to no avail. I know that the sound is coming from the CPU/MOBO Because I tried only having only the CPU, MOBO and PSU plugged in. I also checked the fans and the constant high pitch noise doesn't correspond to the fans spinning.

    I appreciate the help,
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