Computer was working fine yesterday, reset CMOS, now won't turn on.

My friend had built his new gaming PC the day before. He tried to play a couple of games, but the system was using memory from the CPU, which didn't allow him to play anything, so he decided to check the BIOS. He changed some settings, restarted his PC, and everything was working fine, except for the monitor. The monitor didn't turn on. There wasn't even a "no signal" message. I told him he must've done something wrong in the BIOS, so he decided to reset his CMOS through the CMOS jumper. After doing so, he turned the PSU on and then the computer. But nothing in the computer turned on, not even the motherboard's LED light. Any solutions to fix this problem?
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  1. Full system specs, including make/model of the power supply? Considering the Motherboard LED's won't even turn on, I believe the PSU is the problem. Motherboard could be too, though.
  2. I'm having a similar issue also:

    Though this sounds like maybe the jumper pins weren't set back to their original positions? or maybe the pins to the power switch or reset switch aren't properly set to the correct places?
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    You need to do a full power pull, CMOS battery out, PSU main switch off for 15mins.
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