Connecting a GPU with dual 8 pin connectors to PSU

I was wondering what the optimal way of connecting a GPU that requires dual 8 pin power input would be, to my PSU: I have an evga supernova 850W G2 PSU, and it comes with a 6 + 8 pin power cable and two separate 8 pin power cables. However, it does not come with a single cable that has two 8 pin connectors.

I was wondering if it is safe to use two different 8 pin power cables; plug them into two separate VGA power slots on the PSU and connect the other ends to the 8 pin power connectors on the GPU.

Prior to this upgrade, I was using a GPU that had a 6 + 8 pin connector so I could use one cable, connected to one source on the PSU to power the card; however I was not sure if it would be safe to use two separate cables now as I dont have any 8+8 pin power cables
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  1. It's completely safe to use two separate cables running to the power supply. The power supply will regulate any wattage that needs to be applied or taken on its own as well, while using two cords.
  2. There is no "optimal" way.
    Any way works equally well.
    Using the fewest cables might help simplify wiring.
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    You won't ever find 8+8 pin cables that split, you'll find 6+8 but not 8+8. Using two cables is always better because that is less current and less heat on one single cable. In your case your only option is to use two separate PCIe modular cables.

    Like Geofelt said, sometimes it may not look as nice using two cables if you have 6 dangling off, but this is not the case for you.
  4. I have a cable 8+8 on my psu i have alot of them. Xfx pro850w black edition full moduler with hybrid fan
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