R9 390X Display Driver Crashing on W10 Desktop

I just built a new PC with a clean install of Windows 10. Whenever graphics drivers are totally uninstalled, I have no problems. If I install the latest drivers, then my driver is crashing very frequently under no load - just sitting on desktop. At best it will crash once per minute, at worst 5 times in 10 seconds. Sometimes it comes back quickly, sometimes it takes minutes to come back.

Every time I uninstall the drivers I use DDU.

Seems hard to believe this isn't a driver issue given the complete stability with no drivers installed. Is there a known issue with the stability of the current drivers?

Thanks for any help.
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    If you can then try your GPU in another motherboard and if you get the same issue on another machine as well then you can safely assume that the graphic card is at fault. If you don't have access to another motherboard then try different driver versions to see if you still get the driver crashing error.

    I had a gtx 560 once which had the same issue and it turned out that the card was faulty.
  2. From what Ive read the drivers appear to be working markedly better. My first 390x will arrive here on Wednesday Il post to let you know how I get on as its a fresh install as well. Are all your other drivers Bios etc up to date? I just recently built a "new" system but recycled various parts from a previous build I left Asus AI suit on the SSD i loaded windows onto and it caused havoc with my MSI mobo crashing cards and stopping me from shutting down. Could it be something similar?

    Just a thought, Sorry I cant be anymore help.
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