Two 8GB sticks of DDR3 Ram installed. cpu-z is reading 16gb but only 8 usable.

os:windows 10 home
processor: amd phenom II x4 965
MoBo: MSI-890gxm-g65
ram: (2) *gb sticks of hyperx fury 1600 ddr3

i bought two sticks of 8gb (ea) ram and it is only reading that i have 8gbs usuable and it says 16gb installed.
cpu-z id. says 16gb installed but only 8 is usuable
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  1. What OS, i.e. Win7 Home Basic can only use 8GB. My main thought is in buying individual sticks, they simply don't want to play nice - happens all the time. It's best to buy all you want in a single package that way you set two sticks that were tested together and guaranteed to play. If mixing was as easy as many want to say it is, the manufacturers would simply sell individual sticks and make a higher profit.
  2. i am running on the free version of windows 10 if that helps
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    Should be fine then on OS< try raising the DRAM voltage + 0.05 , see if that can help them
  4. Hay man, this worked for me, just switch the two sticks
  5. do you put them in 1st and 2nd , or 1st and 3rd slot? Try doing the latter and make sure the RAM gets in nicely.
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