Corsair H110i GTX Performance or quiet pump mode?

So hi people.
I own a H110i GTX cpu cooler. I was wondering if other people here have one as well. If so what mode did you put your pump and why?

I don't really see a difference I think between the two.
But like a reving car, keeping it constantly in the high rpms isn't good right? Is that the same with the pump?

Thank you for your replies.
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  1. Unless the noise bothers you, go with better performance.
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    I have a FX 8320 OCed to 4.5 with a H100i, I out it in quiet mode most of the time when i'm not gaming and even when I am gaming i leave it there as I have the corsair link setup so that when the temp gets so hot it kicks the fans up when it needs it.
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