New Hard drive making loud noise under-load

hey guys
i just got my new hard drives from amazon
WD 4TB Black i got two of them and i just installed them on my new build and transferred my files my problem start when i preformed a full scan to my new computer and i start hear a loud noise coming from my hard drive i stopped the scan and the noise is gone after a maybe 5 second i decided to start playing a game installed in one of the drives ( mainly for steam games ) and the the noise start again when i move my character the sound get even higher i got HD tune pro i don't know actually what should i do exactly but when to the AAM tab and start the test the sound appears during this test i recorded a video showing the problem and upload it to youtube.
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  1. Is it on both drives or just one?
  2. both of them :(
  3. Hi there Hamad_ae,

    Sorry that you are facing some issues with your WD drive. :(

    My suggestion would be to back up the important data until you sort this out.

    Are the cables long enough so you can take them out in order to make sure the sound comes from them? If they are, you can try that.

    Some other thing you can try:
    - Take one of the drives out and see if the issue persists.
    - Attach the drive with different cables to another SATA port. It would be nice if you attach the drive even to another system.
    - Test the drive with WD's DLG tool(both short and extended tests):

    Let us know how this goes,
    D_Know_WD :)
  4. hey D_Know_WD

    i just got a plugable hdd dock and another hard drive from my friend and did the test on both effected drives
    i can confirm that the sound came out from the hard drives and i plugged the new drive i got and did the test
    the sound is gone when i did the test + i installed one game launched it without any problem and no sound
    im going to contact amazon for replacement or refund.

    im going to use this new hard i got from my friend and see if it gets effected by the same problem
    cause i still have some doubt about me getting two defect hard drives at the same time
    im afraid maybe somthing else caused the problem
    is there anything i can check to see if it causing this sound
    im using a case with " Hot swap " hard drive feature dose this have anything to do with the problem?
    or maybe the motherboard i dont know much about computer
  5. Best answer
    So the drives are making the same sound when in the docking station right?
    Even though it's not likely to happen, it seems that you got two problematic drives.
    Try installing this drive into your system and see what happens.

    Well, we can't know if something in your system caused this. It is more probable that there was something wrong with the drive when you got them.
    I believe your PSU has enough wattage right?

    If you can replace the drives, just do that or get a refund.

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