what is the best motherboard which i can pair with gtx 960 and i5 4440?

I need to bulid my gaming rig for that ive chosen to combine an i5 4440 processor with an evga geforce gtx 960... Im really confused about the motherboard. Help is appreciated.
im not on a tight budget...and i would like to know is there any better mobo that i can get cheaper than the GA-H97-D3H?
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    You would be fine with any h80 or b80 mobo except the z87 because you cant overclock the cpu so its not worth the extra cash.
  2. Get a H81 or B85 mobo, like a Gigabyte GA-B85-DSH. What is your budget?
  3. Check the ASUS B85M-GAMER great premium features like SupremeFX, gamers guardian, ai suite, etc :D
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