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Good afternoon,
After my first computer build I find that I did some stuff wrong. To begin I am looking for a small case, Possibly a micro ATX. This potential case should not have many/much light, noise, heat and is well designed. As of right now I am just looking at building the case (PSU, cooling, and other related parts) mainly because I am waiting for the new "zen" processor from AMD. Not that I am a fan of Intel or AMD I just always like going with the under dog for some reason. Right now I have a Corsair 540 and while it is a great case It is much too large for my room. If anyone could recommend a good case that meet my needs that would be great. If other information is needed to make a good decision I will happily supply it.
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  1. Sounds like a Fractal Design Define Mini though you could save some money and get a Core 1500 (or 1100). The latter won't be as refined or quiet but even Fractal's lower end products are very good.
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    The motherboard size will determine how small you can go.
    Your Corsair 540 is 16.34" x 13.07" x 18.03"
    It can handle a full sized ATX motherboard(7 expansion slots) It is hard to go much smaller with a ATX sized motherboard.
    The M-ATX(4 expansion slots) version of the same case, the 240 is 12.60" x 10.20" x 15.60"
    another good M-ATX case that is not deep is the Silverstone TJ-08E at 15.16" x 8.27" x 14.72"

    If you want smaller, yet, you need a ITX motherboard(1 graphics expansion slot)
    You would need to use a ITX motherboard.
  3. Thanks, I will check out those options. I appreciate it. The amount of cases on the market is enough to make a person's head spin.
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