My pc shuts down randomly after failed OC

Hey,my pc shuts down randomly after failed my Overclock to no ovetclockable cpu mobo dont ask why i just opened the easytune to show a friend how to do t and it auto oc my system.....when i press the power button it turns on for 2 secs and then it shuts down and after this it turns on again and works for around 10 seconds and i cant even enter the bios..ive tried the cmos reset way (clr and battery too) and nothing happened.So guys can you help me?thanks
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  1. My pc specs:intel core i5 2300,p61 usb3,8gb of ram at 1600mhz,radeon r9 390,cm g650m psu
  2. Seems like something died on you. Either the mobo or the cpu are my best guesses. Just to be safe i would try a different power supply, from all the things that could be dead this is the least expensive. If psu and gpu are fine (which probably is the case) you are facing a disaster.

    Try the psu and go from there also make a visual inspection of the motherboard.

    When you try to turn on the system it is recommended to have as less as possible stuff connected on your system. Ideally only the cpu, gpu, 1 memory stick. If you have integrated graphics even better.
  3. Ive tried another gpu another psu hdd and ram and the problem remains the same...but i havent tried to turn my pc on without gpu and with only 1 stick of u think this might work?to start the pc with less components?
  4. Try to reset your BIOS hard reset from MB jumper and remove the MB battery for at least 5 min. Then run PC again let us know the outcome.
  5. Ive already did that...and nothing happened but i uninstalled the battery for around 2 minutes
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