Which drivers should I use for my PC after installing windows 10, Asus H170 Pro Gaming mobo.

Which drivers do I need for the Asus H170 Pro Gaming.
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    Go to the ASUS website and it will list all the drivers for your motherboard.
  2. Do I need it all?
  3. You should, otherwise some functionality will be lost
  4. Can you list it out for me??
  5. I'm downloading like 20 files...... please help.
  6. I'm on my phone but that sounds about right. I guess you are downloading programs as well as drivers. The drivers should be marked separately to programs. If they are all listed for your motherboard download them all and try the programs, uninstall if they are not useful
  7. Then I should use the most updated bios or just download all of it
  8. Well I'd say no, unless you have problems with your PC leave the BIOS alone. Updating the BIOS is easy but it's also higher risk, if it goes wrong it can kill the motherboard so only do it if it's to fix a problem.
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