why choose the Intel CPU & Motherboard not AMD CPU & Motherboard?

why everyone is choose the Intel CPU & Motherboard not AMD CPU & Motherboard?

Intel is better ? I think Intel is expensive.... AMD is cheaper.

I think this question is interesting.

How do you see it?:?:
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    The Intel's single thread performance is much stronger than that of AMD's CPU's. Even overclocked, they can't match the performance. Not only that, they are more power efficient and there are more upgrade options. They aren't really cheaper if you consider you will need a decent motherboard to overclock and a cooler. A cheap i3 dual core will play most games better than even the 6 and 8 core AMD's.
  2. I think the question is flamebait and been asked to death. What it comes down to is budget and what the system is going to be used for.
  3. At mostly all times Intel is better for gaming.
    AMD processors have many weak cores that tend to perform bad in games whereas Intel has less strong cores that perform well.

    So Intel wins :D
  4. so interesting.......
    I have new question if I need Windows XP , I will choose AMD.
    BUT the performance....... haha
    How do you see it?:?:
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