How can I transfer GTA V from one PC to another?

Long story short, I decided against waiting 10 days for a 62GB game to download at 250kb/s.


I took my laptop to my friends house and downloaded it in a day! Great! But in my experience, Ive had trouble transferring games so that's why I am here. I'd jut like some instruction on how this can be done. Thanks!
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  1. Anything in Steam and Origin is as easy as drag and drop. Move the files into the proper folder (where your other games are) and then click "install" (Steam) or "repair" (origin) and you're done.
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  3. ThatVietGuy said:

    By following that link, I also traced it back to t-hardware and got this. Its very detailed and clearly explains how to install gta v onto another pc, so I thought that was cool.
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