Installing a new pic-e wireless card help ?


I have a gigabyte z97-d3h and I want to buy a pci-e wireless card because of Ethernet cable reach limitation , but i don't know a lot about pci-e expansion slots.

Inside the case , i have the first slot taken and the second covered by my gpu as seen here:

As you can see , the bottom two are left and i want to know which wireless card adapters can fit in there?

please help , thanks!
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    The bottom one fits all cards lanled PCIE, no matter what the xN, like x4 x8 or x16 or x1. The other one only fits PCI, not PCIE
  2. top slot is PCI 32-bit
    cards will look like this example only:
    bottom is PCI-e and the cards are shorter and look like this:$S640$
  3. thanks a lot !! :)
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