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So I have booted PC successfully and led and fans now run but in order to do so I had to unplug a connection that went from PSU straight to sys fan 1 on motherboard. All fans running with it not plugged in. When I plug in the sys fan 1 PC will shut down I think there is a problem with circuitry as everything works except for when plugging sys fan 1 in and my PC although it turns on without it it says restore windows before flashing a blue screen with code I can't read
. basically when I have sys fan 1 in it won't boot up it will flash and when it isn't on it says 0 rpm and it boots up but says to restore I can't see any fans not spinning. And also my mouse won't work on the restore page so I can't click restore or select with KEYBOARD
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  1. I managed to click restore but is it restoring cause of sys fan1 not plugged on or because I was moving about components
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    system fans on the mb are 12v out not in. if you plugged a cable from the power supply into the mb then you have fried your mb. only fans should be plugged into those ports or cpu water cooler pumps. if your lucky you burnt out that fan port.
  3. Well now I boot up PC but it says I have to reset and it is corrupt stuff. Basically it flashes a blue screen and restarts it won't let me windows restore. I have ms i h81m-e33
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