Need some advice on a new PCI-E Wireless Card?

Hey guys I'm currently in the process of building a new PC and I have 1 issue: My old wireless card broke during the process. I obviously want the best possible PCI-E card I can get (one that will give me the best possible connection) and was wondering if anyone can recommend the best one for me? My old one is an Atheros AR9285 (which worked very well) if that helps

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  1. If it worked so well, why not just buy it again?
  2. I'm asking because I got it probably close to 5 years ago and was wondering if there was an upgraded version of it that would give me better results?
  3. Too hard to even think to answer. It to a point depends on what router you have and how fast your internet is. The most important factor is your house and how it is built and what the radio signal must pass through.

    Pretty much any mid priced card will function about the same.

    Do not spend the money for all kinds of fancy feature if your router and internet connection can not use these features.
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