HDD started making a heavy humming noise.. Is it dying?

Hey guys, I had my harddrive since 2011, it is the oldest part left in my rig! I was going through a ton of videos today and as i tried to load one out of nowhere my HDD started making this very heavy humming noise. The videos and everything played fine, but afterwards it stopped and it kinda became very sporadic since then! The sound is more of like an operating water pressure pump that also creates a heavy vibration, it isn't that clicky noise that tells you that it's dead! What is going on? Should I start backing up my videos and save money for a new one?
Thank you!
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  1. Also ensure your drive screws have not loosened as that would allow it to vibrate more.

    You can check the drives SMART status with something like CrystalDiskInfo.
  2. I posted the screenshot of S.M.A.R.T from HWINFO64:
    I want to note that, it does that heavy noise only when I try to open up my movie maker project that has about 10 videos i inserted from that drive. I'd like to ask, are those videos i placed in the movie maker still used by the same drive i dragged them from? Or are they copy-pasted into the program? For example the drive fails and the videos get deleted, will those videos in movie maker become inaccessible as well? I'm asking to know if it is actually that drive, or my other 2 SSD's that are beneath the HDD! Also take a look at the screenshot, is it in good health?
    Thank you!
  3. I actually tested by placing a video in the movie maker from that drive, then deleting that video from the drive. In the movie maker it now shows corrupted file, but if i restore the vid from the recycle bin, everything is fine. So yea it is my HDD doing that sound! Please research what the S.M.A.R.T. listed :)
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    I do not think I have seen a lifetime writes on a hard drives SMART before.

    I do not see raw values, but it look good from what I can see. Rave values may give more info such as how long a drive takes to spin up, but unless you have tracked this over time, it may be meaningless(for instance, I know my 2.5 inch WDC blue takes about 2 seconds to spin up and my 3.5 RED 3TB takes about 5-6. I can use smart to check the last spinup to see if it was slowing down for some reason[like a bad bearing]).

    Since any drive(SSD/HDD/ODD/ECT) can fail, having backups is always good.

    Also be careful when sending things to the recycle bin for testing since some files may be too large and just bypass it(you should get a warning in such a case however.).
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