Data Recovery due to Lost Partition for WD My Passport Ultra 2TB

My Passport Ultra has been working fine, but suddenly I cant open the files. When plugged in to the laptop the light flashes and it makes noises. It can be found in 'Devices and Printers' but not in 'Devices and Drives'. I have tried it on alternative computers and used different wires, but the problem is still there. Upon contacting WD, they have said it's due to a lost partition, but have not told me how to fix it or how to retrieve the data (which they assured me was still safe on the hard drive, just not accessible). I figured I'd just reformat the drive, but I need to retrieve my data first. I have tried various recovery software but none of them have been able find the hard drive in order to do this. I was wondering if it was possible to retrieve the missing partition? Or if anyone has some other ideas on how to get the missing data? I have my dissertation on it (due in 4 weeks!), all my photos etc so I really need to access it ASAP!
Thank you!
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    Hi there Lauren_789,

    That is really unpleasant. :(

    What do you mean by noises? Is the drive making some abnormal noises or it is just spinning up?
    It is good that you've tried using different cables and computers. Keep in mind that as the data stored on the drive is crucial, your safest bet for recovering it is to contact a data recovery company. You can check WD's Data Recovery Partners out:

    Apart from that, you need to go to Disk Management and see whether and how is the drive recognized over there:
    It would be really helpful if you could provide a screenshot.

    What data recovery tools have you used? Check this one out:

    In case the drive is not recognized by Disk Management and you've tried using different cables and computers, then you will need to contact a data recovery company in order to retrieve the data.

    Let me know how this goes,
    D_Know_WD :)
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