Need help selecting a motherboard

i am using i5 6500. My requirement is quality>performance>sound quality. I use it to watch films.

Is motherbenchmark a good source for reviewing the motherboard?
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    Well first of all you're looking at different form factors. But overall, I'd say the best choice is the Gigabyte G.1 Sniper.
  2. because it is a rev version. I opt out of those that are. I saw a neat one
  3. I will choose B150M-D3H. G1 Sniper B7 & B150M-D3H spec is the same. just different power phase , PCI-EX1, printer port. so B150M-D3H is better & cheaper. and don't consider H170 chipset.
  4. why shouldn't I consider h170? It is around the price range of the b150 around 10 dollar more.
  5. Reply to Mr. KAgouris.

    I didn't mind the form factor because I am getting a big case. I just want a quality build motherboard that will last a while before replacing.
  6. No practical difference between B150 and H170. Also, the bigger the board the better since you get more expansion options.
  7. Wrong chipset. Z-series for 1151 socket are Z170 not Z97. Also, Z-series' main features over H and B series are CPU overclocking support, built-in RAID support, and (usually) SLI support.
  8. Hey kagouris and alston. What did you use to compare the motherboard. I use but I do not know if they are bias or if it is accurate.
  9. Well, the specs and experience? Motherboards do not affect performance in any way (at least when you don't overclock) so the difference is in features. Also, higher end models tend to be higher quality (e.g. longer lifespan, better shielding for the audio circuit, higher quality components used on the board).
  10. higher end models & low end models different , such as features or slot. if you need overclock , motherboard is important on power phase.
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