i7 950 and 280x crossfire will cpu bottlneck?

was wondering in game like guild wars2 and other mmo games if I was to get a second 280 and crossfire them would my cpu be able to handle it? my powersupply is a corsair 850 fancy one I had gotten just for dual cards but am wonmderin g if I cropssfire 2x 280x if trhe cpu would be a bottleneck ort not
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  1. Your current setup (950 + 280x) should be able to handle the games you play, the crossfire won't give you that much, sure you can crossfire it but still is it worth it?
  2. would it be better to sell the 280x and get a 970nvidia? or would crossfire of 2x be better
  3. crossfire 280x would be faster in games that support it.

    If you have a good CPU cooler, I would overclock to get the most performance out of it if you are going crossfire, or 970.
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    The CPU should be alright with 280x crossfire, there will be some games the CPU might hold it back, but you can always Overclock the CPU to get more out of it. Honestly I don't think you'll have many problems running them 2 cards.
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