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i kinda want to overclock my cpu its still at 4.0 ghz, my questions is, especially with the asus motherboard (i dont have the XMP option but I have an XMP switch above my memory on the motherboard) is all I need to do to start off, say overclock to 4.2, is just change the ratio and leave the voltage at auto? or basically put it at 1.04 or whatever it is now, and see if its stable at 4.2 with same voltage. anything else I need to change?
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    You could put it on auto and just raise the multiplier but it's always better to work the voltages your way and find what's stable, because the auto voltage will always be higher than the possible stable voltage.
  2. ok thanks is taht all i change? voltage? keep cache ratio on auto?
  3. Yeah, you can overclock cache as well however.
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