asus strix 980TI stopped working properly

i'v got a weird problem going on with my 980ti, here's what happend. sorry for the not so great english, it's not my native language.
i was playing GTA5 online when suddenly my whole system crashed, 2 of my 3 monitors turned blue and 1(displaying GTA) white, audio stoped aswell and nothing seemed to respond. after killing the power and rebooting only 1 monitor turned on and was on a very low resolution(800x600). i checked if the driver was running and found it wasn't. i tried rebooting again but same issue. since i could't figure out how to manually start the driver i reinstallend geforce experience and this in turn reinstalled the driver, no luck same problem. i then removed all nvidia software i could find, reinstalled geforce experience but the problem stayed. i have no clue what is going on here, espesially since it happend pretty much out of nowhere and everything was working when i started playing.

i've had issues with the card before, a few weeks ago the latest drivers didn't work very well and would cause my system to crash when just browsing or even when not doing anyhting. downgrading fixed this, unfortunatly i can't remeber which version i installed.

something else i noticed during all the rebooting i was doing is that my screen didn't seem to recieve any input until windows was booting. i useally see the bios flash by before hand. also, after the windows logo animation in the first boot screen there are random blue pixels. see gif:

does anyone have a clue as to what is going on. the only other option i currently see is reintalling windows.

OS: window 7 home premium 64bit
MOBO: asus rampage 4 extreme
CPU: intel i7 3820
RAM: Corsair DDR3 Vengeance 4x4GB 1600
GPU: asus strix gtx 980ti
SSD: adata sp900
PSU: Aerocool Xpredator 750W TN7RX001
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