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Hi all.

I've Donated my old Mobo and PSU to my brother but sold all the other necessary parts for the PC to work!
I remember messing up the first time around when building it so this time i wanted to make sure it was the best it could be! (within budget)
I researched in a bit a found out that the A10- 7850K was the best i could get with this particular mobo (ASROCK FM2A88X EXTREME4+)
I also found out that the only Graphics card that would dual graphics with the 7850k is the r7 240/250
I wanted to get him the r7 260x but am unaware whether it would perform better then the 250 as the dual graphics are not supported with the 260x.

thanks in advance !
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    Some honest answers here. First off I would know what games you want to play or your Bro wants to play. Head to, and look up the game. I will specify the SUGGESTED hardware, which is "ohh it plays like I see on Youtube". If you go with MINIMAL Requirements (because of budget) you will have to FORGET how you want it to 'look good and play fast' and drop down to very low graphics / settings and be happy if you get 30FPS in the game at all (the minimum standard was 1024x768 15FPS).

    Then with the information in hand, just to CONFIRM what you got, Google (fastest way) the cards and the games you want (i.e. R7 260x Benchmark Fallout4 or whatever game it is) and look for your A10--7850K in the 'Benchmark' with the card. This will give you REAL WORLD results, and you will know additionally when tested what you will 'see' and 'how fast' it will play.

    MY EXPERIANCE AND REVIEW: While the newest A10 is nice, honestly for the amount of money we are talking there is MUCH BETTER CHOICE if you just went console. First the cost is SAME TO LESS than all the money your pouring into these systems. Second you BOTH can play the games together / against each other (something you can't do on PC) with just ONE purchase (right now your talking about the costs for your computer AND his). Third, performance, performance, performance; MANY MANY titles can be played on a PS4 on HIGH graphics (1080P) AND get 30-60FPS, something both your systems will NEVER do unless you invest properly (i.e. buy into a i5 based system with at least a 750TI, better if you get the GTX 970). But again I am saying BEST BANG for EACH DOLLAR spent.

    The A10 will impede better graphics cards, the APU line was and is targetted for super cheap, low demand, low cost systems at the i3 level or just below it; PC Gamers play STARTING at the i5 level (the youtube, twitch, etc. videos you see). The Heat and POWER demands of more GPU power means you also need to REPLACE your POWER SUPPLY, especially if you got some cheap 'Walmart' system (Dell, etc.) because they put in as low as 240W PSUs, which isn't enough to power a GPU in addition to the CPU, Hard Drive, Motherboard, etc.

    As you see costs can start adding up quickly, and if your not willing to invest $750+ PER PC (be $1500 for both you and your Brother) you won't really get the 'best performance for your dollar' as compared to a Console which can be had for as little as $149 (yes even a PS4!).
  2. I understand where the guy before me is coming from. I mostly agree with him. If you and your brother arent willing to shell out quite a few more a piece then you might want to consider the console route. It just wouldnt be worth the investment if you cut corners on hardware that you really need to perform.

    Having said that, im a 7850k and 290x owner. I can put all settings at ultra and @ 1080p get an average of 60fps on Battlefront. It just gets better with older titles. Im quite happy with my rig. When it comes time for dx12 games i will have to make some choices (perhaps 390x or other).

    All in all if you want the games to look good, you get what you pay for.
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