Will 950 Pro M.2 improve gaming over an 850 EVO SSD if I use it as the OS/gaming drive?

I want to know if using the Samsung 950 Pro as my OS (win 10) and gaming drive would give me better performance than using a Samsung 850 EVO. Is there any real world difference?
I have an i7-6700k on a Z170 motherboard.
Do games respond better or not?
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  1. Of course it will help some. But not in any significant way over your already very fast SSD. One thing I've found which has carried over from the HDD only days is that I do get reliably slightly faster performance from the system as well as my games by have two SSDs. 1 for 'system' and the other for 'apps'. In order to balance disk usage I tend to put my those programs for which load times are less important to me on the C: drive and to avoid hammering the SSD to death I keep 'projects' which generate a ton of writes on a HDD (for example the C compiler is on C:\ the c projects are on E:\)

    Bottom line: the new faster SSD won't make much difference if it replaces your current SSD except for that your already very fast boot times and load times should improve by a few fractions of a second. If you opt to use it as your 'steam' drive not a system drive, the gains will be better (but still fairly trivial) but your boot drive is likely to keep booting longer.
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    Yea most of these games load so fast already. Think of it this way.

    HDD Average Read Speed (80-120MBps depending on hard drive)
    SSD Average Read Speed (450-550MBps dending on SSD)
    NMVe Average Read Speed (2500MBps for 950 Pro)

    So lets take the average (These read speeds are also Sequencial read speeds so you won't always get them)

    100 MBps for HDD
    SSDs are usually 520 for a good read speed on most that i have tested
    and then the 2500

    So the SSD is 5 times faster than the HDD and the NVMe is 5 times faster than the SSD. if you have lets say a 1Gb file that the system loads on a HDD that is 10 seconds (Usually more) a SSD that reads at 520 takes 2 seconds and then the NVMe takes .5 seconds

    Going from HDD to SSD and a 8 second faster load time is a BIG jump! But making it only a second and a half faster you won't see that as much. So is getting a 950 pro the best way to go. Sure it is much faster but is it something you will really see? not really. Me personally, unless i was running some kind of huge SQL database or something that has intense read and writes i wouldn't spend my money on a 950. I'd stick with the 850 evo or pro
  3. I am getting one soon. OS and games will load faster as long the M2 slot is PCIe x4. x2 slots will bottleneck it. I hear it is actually impressive, even going from a fast sata ssd. Some newer games do take longer to load I notice. Like DRTWEAK says though, it is a relative number. Also it will not change your FPS.
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