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I just overclocked my cpu from 3.5 Ghz to 4.0. I know, it's not much at all but I didn't want to overclock that much. Alright so I set my core voltage to auto and I heard it can be dangerous. When I stress tested my cpu my core voltage went up to 1.192v. I know that isn't dangerous because it's not very much but should I be worried about it going higher than that or is that the limit when the cpu is under 100% load?
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  1. Your fine, you can safely go to 1.25 (many go even higher) but that's a good safe voltage to work with ;)
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    It is always a good idea to manually set the vcore since auto voltage can really fluctuate based on the core load. However I would advice using the maximum voltage reference from your CPU Core Stress Testing (which was 1.192 V) I would suggest you could easily set the vcore probably at 1.1 and then run stress test again to check if everything is fine. But if you are too scared to do anything or not confident enough then I would suggest stick to Auto Tuning.

    Remember there is always fun in Manual Tuning :)
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