Belkin Surge Protecctor For My Components and PSU 2160 Joules

Hi I have a Belkin 7 outlet surge protector that model # is BE107200-12 2160 Joule, Is a 2160 Joule belkin surge protector enough protection for my computer and its components incase of a surge or lightning strike? I did some research online and it said you need atleast 400-700 Joules to be protected.. Also my PSU is a SuperNOVA 850 220-G2-0850-XR and my motherboard is a Z97-G45 Gaming... Do these have there own surge protection or no will they only have to be protected from my belkin surge protector... Thank you so much for all your help by the way we do not lose power very often in my area maybe once a year but I still wanted to make sure my computer is protected with this belkin surge and PSU/Motherboard.. Thank you so much...
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  1. Nothing will stop a direct lightening strike.

    Is your surge protector enough to stop the more common, spikes you would see on the power line, yeah. The thing here to realize is every surge your surge protector takes damages it. After so many your surge protector is nothing more than power strip, offering no protection. Surge protectors need to be replaced every so often to make sure you are protector.

    The common surges you would see most electronics will tolerate anyways, as it's not huge amounts. Every few years I'd replace your surge protector, and not worry about it so much.
  2. Thank you for your response... So I should not worry about any surges with the current belkin surge protector that I have? You say I should replace it once every 3 years since it will be damaged overtime? What if I dont lose power or get any surges can I use it longer then 3 years... ? Please anyone who also has input post it as much info as I can get from difference resources I would be very happy.. Thank you again mr5oh for your helpful information..
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    If I had to pick an arbitrary time frame, that's what I would guess. The problem is most of the time you will never know that you were protected from a surge.

    Metal oxide varistor Wikipedia Link.

    The problem is you never have any idea how many surges, or how damaged your surge protector is. Usually as mine get older, I retire those surge protectors to other less important things.
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